The Société Immobilière du Golf, a property holding company, was established on 27 November 1934. Her Royal Highness the Grand Duchess Charlotte gifted to the company lands belonging to the royal family. The Administration of the royal estates retained a substantial proportion of the company’s shares, the remainder being divided up between a number other of shareholders.
His Royal Highness Prince Felix of Luxembourg, Mr. Jérôme Anders, Mr. Gaston Barbanson, Mr. Max Lambert, Mr. Albert Philippe, Mr. François Simon, Mr. Paul Simons, Mr. Geroges Tesch and Mr. Camille Wolff were appointed to the Board of Directors. Mr Henri Pouillat, from Biarritz, was appointed Director of the Golf Club.

Work on the course began early in 1935 based on plans drawn up by Major J. C. Symonds covering an area of 52 hectares and was scheduled for completion by June 1936. At the same time building work began on the Clubhouse, which was designed by the architect Weis and officially opened on 1 May 1936. However, it was in 1935 that the first shots were played and lessons taken.

Saturday 16 April 1936 saw the establishment of the Association Sportive Grand Ducal which leased and managed the facilities and numbered some 200 members. In June 1935 the Grand Duchess authorised the Golf Club to fly her orange and blue colours.

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